Who knew a trip to Staples for ink cartridges would turn into an exciting adventure this morning? I was pulling into the shopping center parking lot when a sign in a store window grabbed my attention. It read,"Vegan/Eco-friendly." I am sure there was more info but those two words were all I needed to see for my hands to turn the steering wheel away from Staples and towards Absolute Pathways.

I opened the door and soon began ooing and ahhing. The very kind and helpful employee told me that the store had actually opened up 7 months ago. Wow, I really should leave the city limits more often.

The reason for all of my excitement is because the store had a wonderful variety of eco-friendly products, alternative therapy/medicine, organic food and spiritual items. A rare find in my small town.

Here is a quick rundown of why this store rocks:

+ the products
+ health related classes are held at the store
+ massages by appointment
+ 5% off your first order (and you continue to receive discounts each visit)
+ discounts for every referral who shops there
+ you can order organic food  from Off the Vine & have it delivered to the store
+ friendly service
+ local honey is available
+ lots of information is available to read about the various herbs & vitamins

If you are local to Paulding County, Georgia; please go visit Absolute Pathways and tell them Sage sent you ... you know I want my referral discount!

Absolute Pathways
4465 Jimmy Lee Smith Pkwy, Ste 103
Hiram, Ga 30141